Services at Oaks Dental


Our office provides a variety of services including regular hygiene checkups, implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, braces, veneers, and Invisalign.  Our focus is on disease prevention as we work for you and always keep your best interest at heart. We provide high quality adult cosmetic dentistry while using the latest technology and the finest labs for our work.


Our Services


A crown is a beautiful full coverage of a tooth that is broken, worn down, cracked, or damaged.


A veneer is a thin, custom-made porcelain shell to treat discolored, broken, or misshapen teeth. 


Whitening of natural teeth to brighten your smile can be done in-office or at home. 


Composite is a tooth-colored restorative material that replaces decayed or damaged portions of tooth structures.


Periodontal therapy helps maintain healthy gum health and bone levels around teeth.  Healthy periodontium contributes to greater systemic health.


Diode laser is used in multiple ways in dentistry, including treatment of sores, decontamination of gingival pockets, surgical applications with faster healing, and photobiomodulation.




A non-removable restoration of surgically placed artificial roots to replace one or multiple missing teeth. 


A non-removable replacement of missing teeth that anchors on adjacent teeth. 


Root canal treatment eliminates bacteria from a painful, infected root system and preserves a tooth.


Extractions are the removal of non-restorable teeth.


Removable complete or partial dentures are one option for replacing missing teeth.


What Our Patients Have to Say About Us

Dr Agnes is awesome! I used to fear dentists with my whole body and be so afraid that I would bring on my own anxiety attacks. She and her staff try so hard not to cause pain if there is anything they can do. I’m no longer afraid and if easy I am she’d assured me that it won’t. Thanks so much Dr Agnes
Theresa N.